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The Delco Diaries – Sun Blind Plays in Delaware County PA

By September 9, 2019September 24th, 2019No Comments

The Delco Diaries

Sun Blind Plays in Delaware County PA playing the Cup Runneth Over Beer Festival

We’re working to raise funds for accessibility and awareness of disability needs in our community!

We began with a vision to transform our almost 100 year old building to meet accessibility needs for today. The “Make All Welcome” campaign is a capital campaign effort to reimagine our worship space and make a new welcome for all people at IHS. Some of our goals for this campaign include:

  • Handicap accessibility including a new, handicap accessible restroom

  • Full accessibility to our parish hall for those with mobility difficulties

  • Increase welcome and hospitality to all

  • Create an easier visitor experience

  • Increase space for hospitality and make our space more hospitable

  • Beautiful new soft space for our children and parents


Raising Awareness

Quickly at the start of the Make All Welcome campaign we began to realize the broad scope of disability needs not just at our parish, but in our community. We want to not only make our own building accessible but help spread awareness of disability rights.

Learn more at Disability Rights PA now!

We created the Cup Runneth Over Festival to help raise money and awareness for accessibility and disability rights. Check out our event website!

Cost Breakdown

Projected cost: $380,000 – $430,000​

  • accessible restroom $55,000

  • elevator $70,000

  • doors and windows $40,000 to $60,000

  • electrical and hvac $40,000


Leave a legacy

Leave a permanent legacy at IHS and make our campaign a success through one of our many naming and memorial opportunities.

  • Name our new narthex through your sizable gift

  • Door memorials from $1,000 – $5,000

  • Windows from $1000 – $4500

  • Tables, chairs, and shelves $500 – $1000


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