New Music 12.26 by Sun Blind

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Sun Blind’s single 12.26 from our up coming album.


I remember that December and the weights that were in my head.
The heavy steps that we fake for those God Damned promises that we made
in front of the people that we love my grandfather said “what are you thinking son?”

Said “I’m in love”. What where you thinking of ?
Said “I’m in love”. What where you thinking Son?

So let’s fast forward a couple years standing in the kitchen in your tears
cause you don’t have that picket fence, a positive on that white strip.
You take what you want in the name of love until I lose faith and resolve

Are you in love or just in love with being in love?

When you said you loved me, did ever mean a thing?
Are you in love?

Are you in love?
Are you in love?
I lost my faith in love
Are you in love?



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