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Balaguer Guitar Endorment

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Balaguer Guitars recently announced that we are on their endorsed artist list this past month. You will be hearing some Balaguer tones on our new upcoming album. You can hear them on the new single 12.26 . They have an extensive list of Artists from Saosin, REST, REPOSE, SENSES FAIL, and more.




Balaguer Guitars

Our goal at Balaguer Guitars is to build instruments that translate your creativity in the truest way. After Joe Balaguer graduated luthiery school in 2009, he focused not only on improving the designs he grew to love, but to also develop original designs that fuse modern design aesthetics with vintage inspiration.Our Production Series guitars are designed and engineered in Pennsylvania, USA and are built in partnership with a small shop of trained luthiers in South Korea, only 15 people to be exact. These luthiers all have over 15-30 years of experience. This factory has been building guitars since 1985 and we chose to partner with them because their quality is top notch, and they focus on their craftsmanship over quantity. Our Semi-Custom Series guitars are built within that same South Korean shop, but only by the 4 head luthiers. This is how we are able to offer our guitars at affordable prices, but retain our high standards of quality and tone.With that said, we also offer limited USA Custom models which are machined/built, painted, and assembled in the United States from start to finish.One thing that we believe wholeheartedly is that the country of manufacture is no longer relevant if you find the right shop/factory to partner with. Our partners in South Korea share our vision on quality, design, and progression in the industry.

Our approach to guitar design is quite simple. We love classic designs, but feel they lack in certain areas. Areas that pertain to comfort, tone, and construction. So in our designs you’ll see a deep treble horn inner carve, or a more sleek heel joint versus a block plate, and chambering where you might not see in other “big brand” guitars.  We are all for pushing the envelope with design, but we would be lying if we said we weren’t traditionalists at heart. Come see where modern design meets vintage inspiration.

– The Balaguer Guitars Team



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